April Pick-Me-Ups

April is my birthday month and by far the biggest gift I gave myself this year launching this blog. In addition to the gift of being free to be myself, I treated myself to a few other small things to really brighten my soul during what was a very, lonely, isolated birthday.

These little beauties are three of my favourites that continue to perk me up and keep my vibes high everyday even during this lockdown:

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Balancing Amulet

My favourite gift by far was this stunning gold amulet by the beautiful person that is Leeor Alexandra who designs Alchmey by LA.

Not only are the amulets visually gorgeous, they are imprinted with the Hebrew letters that according to Kabbalistic beliefs are one of the 72 Hebrew sequences that act like an index to specific frequencies. 


I have been wearing it since my birthday a few weeks ago and have no plans to ever take it off! Despite the isolation of living alone during this time, I call my space my little bubble. Within my space I have been for the most part keeping high vibe throughout quarantine.

This little piece of art just makes me smile and feel good wearing it.

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Find things that make you feel still, that make you feel good.

frederick lenz

Sound Bowl

This little Tibetan singing bowl creates the most calming and mood shifting sound which I find great to use just before or during my meditation.

It just kind of sets the mood and commands the energy of the room to be clear, light and bright. It’ s also just pretty, which is always a plus.


This right here is my tipple-threat dream combo.

 A book –  for my word lover self. 

By Alicia Keys – who just embodies everything I admire in a woman. 

On the topic of self exploration – which has been the focus of my journey in the last two years. Win-win-win!

I’ve been really enjoying this book so far and appreciating just how many similar thoughts, emotions and trials we face as women. It’s written very naturally and is conversational in tone which makes it a super easy, digestible read.  Also looks great on a coffee table – bonus.

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Quartz Crystal Geode

This was another naturally pretty piece that also serves as an energy cleanser.

White Quartz is known for their energy purifying properties and for cleansing negativity. Geodes are rocks with crystals inside them, in Greek Geode means ‘shape of the earth’.

They are endearing to me as until they crack, they look like any other ordinary rock. Once they are cracked open their secret beauty is revealed.

Just like us, under pressure and through the cracks of life’s challenges, beauty comes to light.

My interest and enjoyment of beautiful 

crystals and semi-precious stones are an extension of my love of nature and natural resources. 

I love learning about natural herbs and spices for health and healing, and natural stones and crystals for good energy. In the same way that I spend time in nature to relax my mind and connect with myself. 

I chose this inexpensive piece from Amazon as I couldn’t believe the price and I loves the raw, rustic look of it. Also because this one is pretty large and I figured the bigger the better when it comes to removing bad thoughts and memories from your mind! Alongside prayer – solid.

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