You’re Always In Control

At this unsettling time for many, it can feel like there is such uncertainty about the future. No stability, no structure, no assurity, no control.

There is a simple truth that is on my heart to share and remind us of at this time. That truth is that no matter what, you are in control of one very important entity; your mind.

Freedom may be taken from you physically, fear may be pumped through the media that you are consuming, worry may spread across the people in your community, your family and your friends, but you always have control of what you add to your mind. As the outward world spirals into chaos, you can quietly, and peacefully, find ways to still your mind in the midst of it.

Your mind is your own garden, your own space, your own world, you are the master, owner, gate-keeper, creator and gardener. Despite this, mankind has tried to control one another for centuries, through violence, religion, money, fear and even love. As a result external environments may influence our inner space, sometimes that noise can cloud our ability to see, hear and align with ourselves. 

When I am finding it hard to uproot negative thoughts that no longer serve me, what helps is to let go of trying to get rid of what is already in my thoughts, and instead spend my energy adding beautiful new thoughts to the picture. Positive musings, even as small as the tiniest seed, one by one I plant them. Naturally and indirectly as I do this, I find that I am subconsciously starving the negative thought seeds of my focus, even if just for a moment. And then another.

If your thoughts seem muddied at the moment, be encouraged that even still, there is always room reserved for you alone to plant brand new thoughts, Thoughts that you want, thoughts that you choose, thoughts that feel good.

We draw near to us what we focus on.

Who will you squeeze first when you’re free to visit loved ones again? What restaurant will you eat at when the streets are buzzing again? What inspiring charity will you give to when you have that extra money coming back in? What bucket list trip will you take when you’re able to book a holiday? Whose cherished, passed-on life will you celebrate with your family when you are back together? What outfit will you wear when you go out for interviews for that new job that is going to be so much better than the last one you were trapped in? What date will you go on that you were too afraid to make happen before?

We draw near to us what we focus on. So what thoughts will you plant?

I hope you plant a seed today. A bright, living, electric globe of light in your mind that will seep into all areas of your thoughts and feelings. Allow your thoughts to be peppered with at least one or two good thoughts every day. How ever many you can manage. A small thought that gives you joy, excitement and hope. Nurture that little thought every day, even if it is just one, and no matter what happens throughout the day, return to it, and water it. If just for a moment enjoy it. More good will be done from it than you can imagine. 

I pray that your mind is clear, strong, beautiful, radiant, fruitful and rooted. That each time you close your eyes, you  re-enter our own, exclusive, space. I pray you know the Higher Power that you can surrender your thoughts to and find rest in any time you ever need.  

Your subconscious is supremely aware of its freedom – far above the limitations of the physical body, and acutely aware of its power – far beyond any present circumstances that surround you. 

This, sweet one, is why, no matter what, even while stuck at home, in essence and truth, we will always, always, be free.

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