There is Enough

Today’s feel good truth: Lack is a mindset, there really is more than enough!

When it comes to feeling optimistic and maintaining a positive outlook on life, removing ‘lack mentality’ is one of the first things to tackle. 

The idea that we live in a world of limited resources and opportunities to survive and thrive, is just that; an idea. 

We’re bred to succumb to competition from an early age and taught that we must fight with one another to obtain ‘limited’ spaces of success. 

Dreaming without doubt

In truth, this is an easy way to discourage many from pursuing what makes them happy, whether in career, love or life due to fear of failure. It is an easy way to achieve discord amongst the masses.

In the same way we don’t doubt whether there is enough joy to go around, or whether the tap of peace available for each individual is running low, we should approach other good things in life. Opportunities, finances and assets, are no different.

Most of us never doubt whether we deserve health, but we doubt whether we deserve wealth. The majority don’t question their entitlement to safety and protection, but we can be uncertain about our right to success and financial freedom.

Spending time focusing inwards and drawing my attention to the Source of Life, the Creator I came from, the Universe I was born out of, reminds me of the bigger Power at play in my life.

One that knows no limitation, no lack, and makes no mistakes. I believe that, just like every single other living entity and creature on this earth, we were born with everything that we could ever need to flourish within us.

From a seed to a caterpillar, all of creation was made with the resources needed to be what they were created to be, existing within them. In addition to this we are also blessed with an abundance of resources available externally for us to enjoy.

The same way the tree and the butterfly have been provided for, so are we, only our belief systems hold us back from tapping into these gifts.

Flowers do not fret about whether there is enough sun to go around all the other buds in the field, so nor should we. We can learn to let go and trust that there is enough for us.

From this place of freedom and peace we can frictionlessly allow good things to come into our lives.


There is enough for you to have your every desire, and everyone else to have theirs also. 

If what makes you uncomfortable, is in fact a part of you not wishing to see others excel in the same areas as you, those feelings can delay you from receiving what is meant to be yours. 

Fear, insecurity or self-doubt may be the cause for those thoughts, the answer lie within and only with quiet time with yourself can you unpack them and begin to enjoy the good things that come your way. 

There was a survey done, I can’t remember the details, but in summary individuals were asked to choose between the following two options:


 1) Everyone of you street be given a house 5  times the size of their current one.


2) You alone be given a house 10 times the current size of your own.


The large majority chose the latter. This is a sad but very believable and realistic result. 


We have become so individualistic, that it is easy to forget the truth that we are all connected, and at our core, all one. 

“I am so thankful for all that I have blessed with, and those blessings yet to come. I hope great things come to all those I share this earth with.” Is a great daily affirmation to realign your energy and focal point.

Limiting thought to rewrite: I have to compete and struggle for limited resources.

New belief: Abundance is my birthright.

Beautifully, and in perfect life design that can only be credited to God, what is yours is yours, and cannot be taken away. 

In other words. what you are destined to have, you will have. 

I pray that out of your many blessings to come, good things will overflow to all of those around you and in your life.

G x

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Giselle Larés

I aim to uplift and inspire by sharing what helps me feel my best and enjoying the creation process as I do so! I hope this space serves as a hub for ambitious but wellness-conscious women – those dedicated to creating their dream lives and have an appetite for inspirational, self-loving lifestyle content.

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