Prioritising Your Peace

Today’s good-feeling truth: From your peace of mind, the reality of all your dreams and desires can flow.

How high up your priority list is your peace of mind? For many years mine wasn’t even on the radar, I didn’t even know there was such a thing. 

I grew up in a household that wasn’t always the most stable or calm environment. Facing the many struggles that come with moving from the Caribbean and leaving all friends and family  behind, led to a lot of stress and difficult situations for my family to navigate through.

Home wasn’t a place of escape from the world, it could often be more volatile than anything I faced outside. With financial worries and practical concerns to think about, peace wasn’t always consciously sought after.

Prioritising my peace only really became a possibility for me in 2018 when for the first time I lived alone. No family, no uni campus, no flatmates, no partner, just me. By this point what had started as a mild interest in home decor that begun at university, had well and truly blossomed into a passion. Now the other side of creating a positive home environment beyond visual aesthetics really illuminated for me.

The same way I carefully cultivate the pieces that I have in my home and the visual balance of my space that I enjoy, is the same way I carefully cultivate the people I have close to me and the content that I consume. I create the perfect home that welcomes peace from the inside out.

Through nourishing myself with positive content, and ridding my physical space of any external negative elements and people, I was able to create an environment that has allowed me to flourish into the woman I am today and continue to grow and expand into.

Protecting those three pillars – Environment Company Content – are how I maintain my peace and stay in alignment. 

Adding a focus to these areas in your life is a great way to explore the positive impact to your peace of mind and overall well-being. 

My focus areas and promises to myself are:

  • Create a living environment that brings you into alignment, that inspires you to be your best self. Somewhere you can clearly hear your intuition. 
  • Keep company that genuinely uplift you in feeling, not words. Who your spirit and higher self feel at peace around, always.
  • Consume content that makes you feel expansive. Like the world is bigger, brighter. Content that highlights the shadows but directs you towards the path to light.


This helps me in my day-to-day immensely.

When one is off, say my space is a mess or full of things that don’t bring me joy – my mind gets flustered. 

If my company is not right and I have too much exposure in the wrong direction – my emotions feel off and disturbed. 

If the content I consume is negative and pessimistic – my focus and faith starts wavering into low vibrational thought patterns.

From my own experience I can testify to how life transforming focusing on these three pillars can be. Prioritising your peace is the beginning of all else and the first step in releasing all of your hopes and dreams. 

I don’t always get it right but in addition to my faith, based on what helps me, there are three small steps you can take today towards prioritising peace in your life:

1. Representation in your home

Find something you already own, or something new, that represents your dedication to be your best self. 

Whether it is a new candle to demonstrate you care about the energy in your room, or a box of herbal tea to represent the importance of a peaceful morning routine to you. 

Find something that when you see it, or use it, it reminds you of the love you feel for yourself and your space. Mine is my oil burner. 

When I burn my essential oils I demonstrate to myself that I care about the goodness I breathe in and the atmosphere of my home, aided by natural aromatherapy. The oil burner I use is from Wild Bohome.


I’m not a big blocker on whatsapp or social media, but boy oh boy do I utilise the good old mute button! 

This doesn’t have to be hostile, it is simply a choosing of what you let into your mind and consciousness, based solely off of how it makes you feel. 

You are your main priority. If something doesn’t make me feel good, that alone, no other rhyme or reason, is enough for me to stop engaging in that content all together. How you feel matters most, all else flows from it. 

You don’t need any other reason other than it will make you feel better if you do so. If any account/phone contact pops up in your mind as you read that – mute! 

3. Stop Sharing

If the content is not informative and is centered on fear-mongering, don’t share it. Not forwarding on negative content means:

a) Your appetite for consuming it lessens as the adrenaline rush of passing on the bad news is lessened 


b) people stop sharing it with you as they don’t get the hyped reactions that add to their own negative adrenaline rushes. It is important to stay informed and share information.

I’m very careful however not to sensationalise and also not to over indulge. For me personally, once I know the overall story of a negative or violent situation, I do not delve into it deeper and deeper unless a new facet of information has come to the surface. 

If not I leave it be, I do not dig at the wound to let it continue to bleed. The graphic details are not necessary for me to expose myself to. This allows me to stay aware, but not overwhelmed. 

Find a balance that works for you, you’ll know that you’ve found it based on how you feel. Do you feel righteous anger, or uncontrollable rage?  Disgusted at a situation, or sick from it? That is usually a good gauge for me. 

I hope these help you or remind you of a few ways to prioritise your peace. 

If you have any tips you can send my way to help me on my own journey please do spread the knowledge and love and share your thoughts below 🙂

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