Avoiding the risk of losing focus post-quarantine

As we all rush back into the world at full force with mask in tow, it can be easy to lose the focus, drive and clarity that isolation brought to many of us. 

For those who spent quarantine alone, like me, you may have experienced the benefit and bliss of only having your own energy around you – making it easy for you to move in the direction you truly wanted to, in full alignment with the highest version of yourself.

Now outside in the real world, with so many influences and people bursting at the seams to let loose and be free again, it can be an easy environment to lose yourself and the personal growth obtained throughout the trials of this year. The only protection you have, comes from first knowing who you are. 

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Knowing yourself is the beginning of self mastery. As a natural empath, it is easy for me to empathise with the thoughts and emotions of others, but it is also dangerously easy for me to absorb the energy and frequency of the people and environments around me. Oftentimes in the past, going against myself and my true nature in the process, for lack of knowing who I really was.

The beauty of lockdown for me was the extension of the self-isolation I had already been imposing since the end of last year. 

Like many others, during that time of solitude it was easy for me to learn myself, observe myself and learn to recoginise my temperpents, thoughts, feelings, desires, fears, wants, needs, strengths – the list goes on.

Prior to that downtime, because of my open nature, it was difficult for me to separate where I ended and others began. I would mould into my environments so much so that I couldn’t identify myself outside of those around me. Is this my opinion or theirs? Do I want to do this or am I just going along with the majority? Is this dream mine or does it belong to someone else?

How many of your actions are subtly influenced by external sources and energies?

Over these last few weeks, in the name of balance I’ve been allowing myself to let go a bit. (Including spending the day retreating with some beautiful women at You Got It Girl Collective where these pics were taken.)

As fun as this is, what I notice now, however, is how my thoughts, focus and speech has already begun to change, in such a short space of time. In the past, I would have not recognised this change, because I didn’t know my own thoughts, focus, and speech enough to know the difference.

Now I see it, I hear it, I observe it – the influence of the world around me on my life. This naturally can be positive or negative and has been a mix of both.

When I recognised the downsides of this, I had a choice to make. I could go back into hiding to protect my energy, or I could learn to master myself and be so rooted in who I am that the energy of those around me no longer affects me to the degree to which they have done in the past.

Have you noticed any changes in you since lockdown has eased? Do you feel more focused? Do you feel clear about your goals and vision? Are you getting as much done? If any of the changes you recognise are negative, how will you mitigate this moving forwards? How can you continue with the drive and focus you had alone, while now working and mingling in the office and free to socialise and spend time with those in your life again?

If you can relate and have been distracted, here are some of the ways you can realign and keep yourself on course with our new found freedoms:

  1. Spend time alone, by choice– it’s a given, alone time is key. Yes a lot of people were isolated in quarantine but as it was by force, many spent it yearning to be with others and on video calls every second of every waking moment. Now that we are able to be out and about it can be tempting to avoid alone time at all costs – especially with the fear of another lockdown imminent. The need for time alone is not now obsolete, and you don’t have to stay indoors to enjoy it. Walks, drives, sitting in a park – there are ways you can check in with yourself even if staying at home is the last thing you want to do right now. This will help you to build and strengthen your own energy field as it will naturally cleanse with time away from external influences.

2. Reminders– taking the time in the morning to read your goals, look at the things you wish to achieve and the direction you want to move in will root you and direct the course of your day. By setting the course of your day subconsciously with daily reminders of where you want to go, this time next year you will at a minimum be so much closer to that vision – if you haven’t already achieved it by then.

3. Retrospect – writing down your thoughts and giving yourself time to express how you feel, what’s on your mind and what’s happening in your life will help to make sense of the millions of thoughts we have a day. You will be able to see patterns, identify what is important to you and see what it’s affecting your feelings and emotions. Talking to yourself used to have a crazy stigma, now I know that I would lose my mind without it! Writing/journaling also helps you to practice being in the seat of the observer of your life, from this position you can watch the ebbs and flows without being caught up and lost in it.

4. Boundaries – Although I am a free spirit by nature, and hate being told what to do (Aries baby), I recognise that boundaries are a part of freedom. I remember being at a church service years ago and someone saying that life without rules, is like a fish having the freedom to jump out of water and laying itself on the sand of the beach. Yes it will be exercising it’s free will, but at its own detriment, its own demise as it dies without water. This has been on my mind a lot these last few weeks as I have contemplated exploration of ways of living outside of how I have always been. Something always stops me, or something always prevents me from following through, and now I wonder if this is God’s protection, if this is His way of telling me that what may be ok and work for others, is not ok and will not work for me. That though staying in the confines of the water may seem restrictive to those on land, actually, it is that same boundary that allows that fish to be free to live and thrive in the environment created for her.

5. Make room – Just because you can doesn’t mean every weekend now needs to be packed with a full agenda. Allow the universe to surprise you and open unexpected doors by leaving room for the unknown, making room for new people and new opportunities to enter your life. Let go of some of the people or habits that didn’t serve you pre-quarantine, and make room for some new magic. It will come.

I hope this helps and that you continue to thrive in this new season and enjoy seeing your dreams materialise.

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