Be Your Biggest Influencer

It can be human nature to look outside for guidance, inspiration and direction. In truth however, within each of us is a compass that has been with us since birth. This, should be the guiding force of our lives...

With so many voices speaking to us either through family, friends or public figures, it can become habit to seek external advice for your life which influences your decisions and can alter you opinions.

Whilst there is a place for seeking wise council, looking solely, or primarily, to others for direction is the easiest way to wander out of alignment.

To start with;

One person’s mould is not your own.

Individuality: What works for someone else will not automatically work for you. The thoughts and opinions shared with you by others are a by product of their own life experiences, their hurts, their joys, their history and perception – which will not necessarily mirror your own.

This means that even with the best intentions, direction given will be unsuitable to your specific needs, your journey and your path.

Following someone else’s rocky road, wearing shoes suitable only for your own, can lead to pain and destruction. The importance of finding your own path b following your voice within is key because God created and equipped you to overcome the terrain of the path laid out for you. 

The protection and provision God has blessed you with is for your journey, these shields will not withstand if you are following the path paved for another. misguided even with the best wishes.

Cruel Intentions: The second danger of the reliance of external advice, is in the form of it coming from an impure heart.

The external doesn’t always reflect the true nature and intention of a person’s heart.

This can mean that seemingly good advice, could in fact have been birthed from a place meaning to cause you harm. 

When you expose yourself to such words, ill advice can seep into your subconscious, and lead to you willingly undertaking things that lead to negative experiences.

Sadly not everyone will mean you well, this can be true for both strangers and people close to your vicinity. Without practicing the skill of looking inwards, hearing your own voice and filtering the words of others through your own God-given inner compass, it can be easy for you to be led astray.

Social Sphere: Lastly, being influenced by things that are unreal mean that your mind is shaped by things that are false.

Social media is a natural prime example of this, with the external portrayal of lifestyles that oftentimes do not match the true nature, circumstance and hearts of those putting a version of themselves on show.

It can cause you to want things that others are only pretending to have. This can lead to disconnect, wrong focus, and again you getting distracted in the pursuit of things never meant for you.

Having social media that is filtered to only show content that truly reflects you is a great place to start. So I may have taken this to a mini extreme in my own life lol in that I have my your own separate account that I follow so that I can be influenced by my own thoughts, visuals and words!

Yes this sounds crazy, but there is arguably an element of genius there…it really works! 

Self Influence: Since filtering out the voices and influences that do not reflect my vision for my life, my own self influence has increased, shaped my direction, presented new opportunities and manifested my desires inspired by God.

What I am grateful for most is that it has strengthened my self belief and my trust in myself.

If I have problem I don’t need to pick up the phone. If I am struggling to make a decision I don’t need to turn to Google. If I feel uninspired I don’t need to go on to YouTube.

I have learned the art of self influence and tapping into guidance from the Source. Between myself, God’s Spirit and His word, there is only a small space needed for external confirmation and reiteration. 

Not only is there freedom in this, but immense power.

Try it;

Set yourself up now to be your biggest influencer in 2021.

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