The Action of Stillness

If you are a doer, a new year means new goals, new to-do lists and new jam packed schedule.

It is the communal time for doers and non-doers alike to be goal-oriented and focus on smashing task after task, achievement after achievement. If you are not banging it out in the first week of January you feel like a failure. 

For some of us, January isn’t the only time this mindset is present, it’s the whole year. This ever-present to-do list lingering in the back of your mind through work and play.

This January, like most of us I could not wait to start a new year. I love new year starts in general, but although I actually had so much to be thankful for and proud of in 2020, the start of 2021 was much awaited. 

You may have planned to push your discipline to the next level, to make the most out of every single hour of the day, to be rid of the things that no longer serve you and to embrace the things that encourage your higher good. Action, action, action; and all great things. However, sometimes, the greatest action that is called for, is what can be perceived as inaction; stillness.

So much can be achieved in our stillness. Stillness requires trust, requires faith, requires surrender to the Higher Power.

So what appears to be not progressing, is actually one of the biggest manifestation instigators; the energy of belief.

After a hand injury during the busiest business week of 2020, I was forced to stop and stand still for a significant period of time. Initially this was met with internal frustration and causing myself further external harm by trying to ignore what my body needed and instead use my injured hand in a vain attempt to not sacrifice my responsibilities and list of to-dos. Eventually I had no choice but to give in to the inevitable; I had to stop.

During this down time, this period of stillness, God was able to download so much revelation, ideas, mind-expansion and inspiration to me which was transformative. Energetically doors opened, things shifted and I moved into a higher realm of consciousness.

By trusting in God, by relying on His hands to move for you, by balancing your action with moments of rest and quiet, you then allow for the guidance and movement of the Higher Power to work for you. God is then able to use what you have already done and put into motion, and take it to the next level supernaturally.

Some doors you cannot open through physical effort, forcing or pushing, these ways have to be paved in the spiritual.

So yes it is the start of a new year, yes it is the month of resolutions and action, but this could be the perfect time to put aside effort and focus on trust and intention. 

Try something different this month, try taking time to get out of your own way and remember you are not walking alone. Your journey to blessing is not just your own. 

God’s universe is on your side, moving things by His spirit to allow for your purpose and dreams to come to fruition. 

So, when you’re planning your to-do list for the week, don’t forget to schedule time for the action of stillness.

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