Freeing Your Voice

If you're not feeling free to express yourself from your heart, empowered to show up as your true self in the world, and focused on pleasing yourself first before others, then there's a lot more to feminine energy you haven't explored...

I fell in love with feminine energy for the freedom it finally gave me to show up in the world as my authentic self. To finally feel good enough to be seen and confident enough to be authentically heard. 

Many of us are stuck in the wounded-feminine mode of people-pleasing, or trying to act ‘more feminine’ which leads to a downwards cycle, instead of upward elevation.

When you are truly operating in your feminine energy there are three things you will experience:

Your energy is circulating on you, so you feel like the star of the show

As a woman the world can make you believe that is where your value lies – in what you give and what you do.

This leads to your beautiful naturally giving, nurturing and caring nature, turning into ugly over-functioning. You’re left feeling burnt out, frustrated and unfulfilled, constantly busy but feeling like you are going nowhere.  

Too much of your energy is focused outward.

Pulling all of that energy inward, begins to illuminate the God-given dreams that are dimming inside of you. That soul-assignment that has quietly been tugging at your heart for years. The you that you’ve abandoned and settled instead for the you that is just here.

When you draw your energy in, you can tap into how you really feel and what you really want, and who you really are. 

Before you know it, that spark for life that has been faded starts to glimmer again…

You feel free to share what is on your heart, without fear of judgement

What if you didn’t have to put yourself last and stuff down what you really want in order to feel valued, needed and desired?

When your self-view, spiritual connection and value of self increases, so does your freedom to express your true self to the world.

By tapping into how you really feel, and sharing those feelings from a heart space not a head space, you finally feel ready and able to show up and speak up in your life in a way that feels good. 

This unlocks your feminine and allows you to nourish yourself, no longer co-dependently needing others to fill you or validate you. So you’re not afraid to speak your truth.

You watch things draw into you

When you are elevated on the high of the inward energy of truly knowing yourself and your value, something shifts in the energy around you.  

Things you used to chase, organically draw near to you. Things you once needed, external validation, approval from other people, are replaced with a zest and zeal your yourself and your life..

The push and strive you uses to face is now a feel-good feminine flow and moving, instead of by force you move from a place of inspired action.

Freeing your feminine allows you to embody the highest expression of you that you know has been laying dormant inside of you.

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