You want more…

And that is ok.

I got so used to putting other people’s opinions and wants above my own that I couldn’t even remember what my own dreams and desires were. 

Just life you, years of people-pleasing meant I woke up not really knowing who I was and not really loving the life I was living. 

I was a successful marketeer but I felt dull. Drained from internal conflict. Envious of those going after their dreams. 

Maybe you can relate to ignoring the internal pulls you have telling you the type of purpose work that would really light you up? You might be stuffing down the inner voice whispering the vision of the soul-calling that you know would excite and fulfil you? 

The inner war of abandoning yourself over and over again is laced with guilt, over-functioning, tiring, confusing and painful. Yet sadly self abandonment is so common for women of colour. 

Like my clients and myself years ago, you may be used to suffering, used to struggling and used to straining and striving. The world is also used to seeing and portraying you in this way.

So caught up in the external energy of performing and providing for others, you miss the bliss of the love and world impact that awaits us when you redirect your energy inward.

God’s plan  is for you to thrive and not just survive. When I had that revelation for myself, everything changed.

I accepted His gift of embracing my inner feminine energy and going after the vision he had given me for my purpose. The things in my life and love began to shift. I finally tapped into my feminine with God and was able to co-create with Him a life I truly love.

From finally leaving a relationship that was not aligned to me, to being brave and open to explore real love, to doing work I love helping women evolve every day through my business and moving my life my life from the UK to California after years of yearning and dreaming.

From that overflow, the Feminine Creation Power program birthed.  

I alchemised all of the painful trials and errors into the stunning and effective learnings and principles that make up the transformation tools I provide in my coaching.

That yearning for more deep within is real. 

You know you are destined for more.

I can confidently say, you can have more.

You don’t have to settle for the supporting role in a life you don’t love and less that God has planned for you.

Your life can be lit up. Exciting. Fulfilling. Full of passion and inspiration. 

Step 1 is getting honest with yourself about wanting and envisioning more.

Once you’ve made that first step and said that internal yes – I’m here to help with the rest.

I hope that today you start your journey back yo yourself, back to God and towards the life and love you have always dreamed of.


Giselle x

You don’t have to settle for less, you don’t have to stay stuck in the ways and life you’ve always known.


A life & love,
you can’t get enough of.