You want more…

And that is ok.

We know deep down when we’ve been self-abandoning our dreams and desires.

We know because it doesn’t feel good.

We feel dull. Drained from internal conflict. Envious of those going after their dreams. Frustrated at the amount we do and over do to make others happy. Unfulfilled with the love and romance far from what we dream of.

Yet there is a distant calling.

Something calling out to a yearning deep within. A truth buried inside us that knows we were destined for more.

You can have more.

You don’t have to settle for the supporting role in a life you don’t love.

Your life can be lit up. Exciting. Fulfilling. Full of passion and inspiration. 

Many of us learned early on as young girls to stuff down the natural feminine nature inside of us, especially when we have big ambitions , homes or businesses to run.

This results in us feeling unbalanced, stuck in a life we don’t love, or stressed and strained from forcing things to happen in our life and our relationships.

As women, our true feminine strength lies in our honest desires, in our raw feelings.

Sadly, we’ve gotten so used to quieting these feelings and not hearing the voice of our God-given inner intuition. 

Getting caught up life we abandon the pursuit of self-love, self nurturing and full self expression. 

Reconnecting with our Feminine opens the door for us to feel fulfilled in effortlessly harmonious beautiful homes. To adore and feel adored in forever  love. To feel energised and expansive while growing our business and expressing ourselves creatively. 

If you were told the only way to success was the masculine way, you’ve been lied to. 

Years ago, when I let go of feeling bad for the things I desired, and finally admitted I wanted more for myself and my life, my feminine empowerment journey truly began.

No more entering relationships I didn’t want to be in, or staying in relationships longer than I was happy to, or settling for a work-life and bank balance that didn’t excite me, or constantly people-pleasing and hiding my true dreams and desires.

The time came to stop hiding, stop struggling and straining and step into my power.

Now, as a feminine embodiment & lifestyle coach that loves what I do, a passionate property entrepreneur, the owner of a beautifully refined feminine home décor business that I adore, and living high-on-love – I have seen the life transformational power of fiercely embodying your feminine energy.

Best of all, I radically fell in love with myself and the journey along the way.

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It’s electric. It’s powerful. And it works.

Femininity is Self Love & Self Love is Power.


Giselle x

You don’t have to settle for less, you don’t have to stay stuck in the ways and life you’ve always known.

Empowered Feminine Living | SHESelf Collective

A life & love,
you can’t get enough of.