Glad to have you here…

Our paths aligning means you are likely a driven, dynamic woman who doesn’t want to settle for anything less that her dream life.

There is also a good chance you have a niggling-feeling deep in your gut that where you are now is not your destined destination. 

You suspect there is more.

And there is.

People you meet, your friends and your family all think you have it together but you’re the only one that seems unsatisfied with the things you feel guilty for not being more grateful for.

I’ll let you in on a secret; you can be both grateful, and not content.

Years ago, when I let go of feeling bad for the things I desired, and finally admitted I wanted more for myself and my life, my feminine empowerment journey truly began.

No more entering relationships I didn’t want to be in, or staying in relationships longer than I was happy to, or settling for a work life and bank balance that didn’t excite me or constantly people-pleasing and hiding my true dreams and desires.

My feminine nature had been hidden for years due to fear of judgement, lack of understanding and poor habits adopted.

The time came to stop hiding, stop struggling and straining and step into my feminine power.

Now, as a feminine embodiment & lifestyle coach that loves what I do, a passionate property entrepreneur, the owner of a beautifully refined feminine home décor business that I adore, and living high-on-love with the love of my life – I have seen the life transformational power of fiercely embodying your feminine energy.

The truth, tools, and feminine embodiment techniques I have learned and created throughout the years to set my feminine nature free, have magnetised my dream life to me.

It has taken me from a life of faking happiness and observing / supporting others to live their dreams, to finally creating the life and love of my own dreams, as a fiercely feminine empowered woman.

I live a life, and have a love, I literally cannot get enough of.

Best of all, I radically fell in love with myself and the journey along the way.

Your journey to the life and love you want as a fiercely feminine woman does not have to take as many years as mine did.

Through the content on this blog, my weekly newsletter, my programs and 121 coaching, you can elevate from being stuck where you are, to magnetically attracting the calibre of love and business success you desire – while radically falling in love with yourself and the journey.

My ethos is that nothing is too much or too excessive when it comes to us prioritising our mind, body, soul and dreams as women.

You don’t have to settle for less, you don’t have to stay stuck in the ways and life you’ve always known.

You can commit to living your best, most rewarding life, and enjoying the most delicious love.

Allow yourself to elevate and transform into the woman you’ve always dreamed fo being.

The truth is, she is who you were always meant to be.

Giselle x

Empowered feminine living | SHESELF academy

A life & love,
you can’t get enough of.